Team Wellington enjoy time with Central School, Port Vila

Team Wellington enjoyed the morning off from their football commitments following their win over Kiwi FC to spend some time in the community at Central School, Port Vila on Wednesday.

On arrival, the Wellington side was greeted by the school’s Deputy Principal who introduced the team to two very excited classrooms that would have a slightly different PE class that day.   

Head Coach, Jose Figueira commented on the importance of having some down time and connecting with the community.  

“Each trip we’ve been away for the OFC Champions League, it’s been important for us to put some dedicated time aside to head out in to the community as part of the OFC Just Play initiative,” he said.

“It’s great for us to connect with the people in the communities we call home while we are here, connect with the kids and the families that come to the games  and what we always find is the passion for football is really strong.”

The two classrooms of 37 students were split into three groups where they spent time with the Team Wellington players having fun doing different games and forming new relationships.

“You cast your mind back to when you were a kid and the same kind of thing would happen, then you see their faces, their smiles, the laughter, the energy – it’s something that they will never forget and it’s great to be a part of that and share our love for the game with them too,” Figueira said.

Having been involved in junior coaching with Cashmere Techincal FC for many years, Team Wellington senior player, Aaron Clapham thrived at the opportunity to spend some time with the students.

“It was a lot of fun getting out in the community and having some fun with the local kids.”

“I get to do a lot of coaching in my role back home but it is always fun to be in a new environment and culture and sharing the love for the game.”

 Team Wellington prepare for their next game on Friday 01 March against Erakor FC at 5pm local time or 7pm NZT.