Margetts brings attacking edge

Since an early age, Josh Margetts craved space on the football field.

Brought up on a small farm south of Hamilton, gaining access to a decent patch of grass was never an issue. He recalls many battles with older brother Sam on his father’s makeshift field.

“When we were little tackers we were always running around our Waikato farm. The old man levelled the lawn out the front and then chucked some goals up for us. We couldn’t really get away from it once were started kicking a ball around.”

Margetts’s fierce brotherly rivalry clearly paid off. He earnt selection into various Waikato youth sides prior to relocating to Palmerston North to start a business degree. After seasons representing Hawkes Bay United, Margetts couldn’t resist the offer to represent Team Wellington this season.

“A big drawcard for me was the opportunity to work again with Scotty Hales. He was my head coach at Palmy Marist and had built a great team morale at the club. I was also aware that Scott held Jose in high regard.”

Other pull-factors were Team Wellington’s “competitive nature”, recent competition success and strong off-season player recruitment.

Given Margetts’s love for space and finely-tuned skillset; it’s hardly a surprise he is passionate about Futsal. He has excelled at the sport and has represented the Futsal Whites over the past two years.

Margetts feels the dynamic indoor sport has its own unique style which can only benefit football players.

“You get a lot more freedom. I would say there is a lot more individual aspects (compared to football). As there’s only five players on the court, you have to have a good understanding with the other four players. The tactics are a massive thing in Futsal- which is something people take for granted.”

When he’s not playing football, Margetts is busy supporting the growth of Futsal in the Central Region in his role as Futsal Development Manager. His passion comes through when he talks about the huge potential of the sport in New Zealand.

“The game is quite young in New Zealand. The growth of the game in the Federation has been phenomenal. When I first came to Palmerston North, there were 6-8 teams in the senior men’s competition. Now, four years later, there is approximately 70-80 teams playing in Manawatu and another 115-120 playing in Hawkes Bay every week.”

Now in his first season representing Team Wellington, Margetts is loving his football. He feels the style of football embraced by the club suits his skillset.

“We are a possession-based team with a focus on positioning well. This allows us to control and manipulate the opposition a lot more- which approach is really just an expansion of the Futsal game which is cool for me.”

At least- for now- Margetts is happy to have netted his first goal for the club against Hamilton Wanderers although you won’t hear him taking too much credit!

“It was probably more of a surprise than anything! Natty (Nathaniel Hailemariam) flicked the ball through with the perfect weight and I just had to run onto it. If it wasn’t me, it would have been someone else”

Team Wellington fans will be hoping for more goals from their talented new recruit as the Stirling Sports Premiership reaches a fascinating climax.