Zambrano delivers knock-out blows

Nicolas Zambrano loves scoring goals. He has a relaxed manner, a sharp sense of humour and does not try to over-complicate things. His goal for this season is to simply score as many goals as possible.

Zambrano has made an impressive start to his career at Team Wellington. He has established himself as an impact player who can provide the knock-out blow to tired opposition defences. Zambrano’s deadly boot has generated two crucial second-half goals so far this season.

Brought up in Chile’s capital Santiago, Zambrano was exposed to a professional football set-up early in life.

Nicolas Zambrano

Nicolas Zambrano

At the age of five, Zambrano joined Universidad de Chile. At a time when most kids are still establishing their sporting interests, Zambrano trained relentlessly. He was provided with high quality facilities and even had his boots regularly cleaned for him!

Zambrano excelled in a country where football is like a religion. His idol growing up was Marcelo Salas and he dreamed of playing for his national team. In his spare time, he would play football in Santiago’s streets and practice his powerful strikes.

At 11 years old, Zambrano’s parents decided to relocate the family to New Zealand in search of a better life. Zambrano experienced challenges settling into Auckland as he adjusted to a new culture and language. He cheekily admits that skipping the odd English class was not out of the ordinary in his first few years!

After playing college football and seasons with Central United and the Auckland City Youth side, Zambrano decided to sign with Team Wellington earlier this year. Although noticing an increased intensity and physicality; he feels he has the ability to make the step up to the national league.

He also feels his team have the resilience to go far this season.

“I feel we can do well this season, especially given the amount of times we have come back from behind and ended up winning. I think this shows a really positive attitude”

Team Wellington fans will be hoping Zambrano continues to deliver the killer blow to help his team continue their recent run of winning form.

- Rory Milne