As most of you will know sometimes when you have a small degree of success in amateur sport you are rewarded in strange ways.

At Team Wellington over the last three seasons we have moved to a position where we are current Champions of the Sterling Sports Premiership, the pinnacle of our National Game. This is a fantastic result for Wellington Football and augers well for the development of the game in our city and region.

Along with this honour, and a couple of previous runner up placings, we are required to compete in the FIFA Oceania Champions League. This has taken us to Fiji in the past and this year requires us to travel to Kone, New Caledonia at the end of this upcoming week.

As is usually the case funding this venture is extremely challenging for us and funds cannot be sourced, as a general rule, from Community Trusts who do help us with our domestic competition.

We are once again getting down to the wire and are short in our budget to the tune of approximately $25,000 and this is why I am writing to you.

I am hoping that by reaching out to you and your connections that we might find eleven generous Wellingtonians who may be prepared to take a chance and join the Team Wellington First XI (flyer below) Memberships can be syndicated but we are only able to offer the benefit of the lucky draw to one individual.

Our First XI along with supporters who have helped us in previous campaigns will, in addition to the exclusive benefits outlined in the flyer, permanently take pride of place in Team Wellingtons history and will be recognised in all publications.

If this is not something that you would be prepared to consider perhaps you have contacts that might help us. Please put me in touch with these people if this is the case or feel free to make an approach on our behalf.

I hope you will give attention to our request and look forward to hearing back from you or alternatively make contact with our general manager directly at

Thank you for your time.

Peter Chote AFA